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Grow-Me is the most cost effective marketing service available to providers of training and education in New Zealand. Our model is pretty only pay us a $10 transaction fee on every confirmed customer we bring to you. Community collegues and personal interest workshops pay $5 per enquiry or booking confirmation.

If we are not generating revenue, you don’t pay us!

We have gone way beyond being a directory service and have created a portal is that is customer orientated. Inspired by the way New Zealand has embraced the internet as a way of life we intend to be the primary point of call for all searches for training and education.

It costs you nothing to join, we have no annual subscriptions and you can load yourself onto the site automatically. Here are some great reasons why you would want to be on Grow-Me:

  • You only pay us when a transaction is generated
  • We have no advertising on our website so your brand can never be overpowered by another provider
  • Our provider database is shuffled daily to give all providers equal exposure to customers
  • You have full access to load, update and control your data
  • We encourage customers who have booked courses through Grow-Me to provide feedback for other customers to review
  • All information on the website is live and current
  • You are more than welcome to send us articles which we will post in our news section to provide you with additional exposure
  • We are happy to help you load your content should you not have the time
  • Utilise the course calendar to schedule your courses around other providers so you are not competing for clients on the same day
  • We’ll contact you when there is a classified listing requesting courses or services that you may be able to offer to a client
  • We’ll keep you updated with valuable marketing data regarding search criteria, customer requests, gaps in the market and booking trends
  • We will send you a monthly report on the number of unique customers that are viewing your company
  • We market you through networking functions, radio advertisements, exhibitions and a constant focus on the Grow-Me brand

Come and be part of the most exciting New Zealand  website in Training and Education.  We look forward working with you to grow your business.



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