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We came up with the concept of Grow-Me four years ago. It wasn’t a lightning bolt idea, but rather something that started as a few thoughts and slowly evolved into what it is today. We now know that growing a business is an evolutionary process and we will constantly be changing.

Grow-Me developed out of personal experience. We spent a decade in the corporate world in HR, Learning and Development, IT and General Management, and over that time met many inspiring people with so much talent.

But with so many options, we found it difficult to know which training providers were a good choice. As with any field of specialisation, the more you know, the more you realise how little you know.

At times we were limited by budget constraints, and were forced to develop our own training materials with the help of independent consultants. We wished someone could help us find the right providers and consultants without having to spend hours meeting companies that we knew were not the right fit.

We wanted someone who could understand our organisation’s needs and find us suitable training candidates in a similar way that a recruitment agency finds suitable applicants for a job. We had a concern that the big names with the big budgets and the big adverts were the only companies we knew about.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find an unbiased person to find us training solutions, we thought? And so Grow-Me began. Over the last year, we have been developing the concept and model of the Grow-Me website and business, and now feel comfortable that we have a website that will provide all your training answers online.

Simple to use, with reputable companies on board, it can help you find courses that are right for you, by allowing you to search criteria that you see as important. It saves time, doesn’t cost anything for users, and offers and unbiased view, with no association to any training providers. We believe it’s going to revolutionise the training space online – and it’s only just begun.


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