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Lauren Horak

Lauren has 14 years experience in education and training, including design, development and delivery of courses. Her passion lies in lifelong learning. This means she is always up to date with the latest trends and technology.

She has experience in a variety of sectors predominantly education and IT. Lauren has a particular interest in psychology and thinking of people and finding ways to ensure authentic, relevant learning occurs. She specialises in assessing training needs, developing relevant courseware specific to business needs and has a focus on learning/thinking styles.

Lauren enjoys cooking and entertaining friends and always has some type of adventure travel in her sights. Her passion for photography and amazing eye for detail means she always has loads of photos on hand of interesting people and places she has discovered along the way.

With a very creative spirit and incredible understanding of people she is normally the favourite aunt and friend. In her spare time Lauren enjoys running, mountain biking, tramping, yoga and reading.

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