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Course Classifieds - How it works

Do you...

know what development you want for your team and what your required objectives are and so are looking for a customised solution.

Then post...

your requirements on Grow-Me and get training providers to bring their solutions to you. 


make an informed choice that best suits your needs. 

How the process works?

1. Tell us what you are looking for by posting your requirements

2. We will post your requirements on our Classifieds Listing page

3. Answer any questions from potential providers online - via Grow-Me

4. Providers will send Grow-Me their suggested solution

5. Grow-Me will collate the infomation and send it to you

6. You decide, tell us, and we can put you in contact with the provider

7. You do the deal, we take a 10% commission from the provider



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