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Raoul Viljoen

In some sense a jack of all trades but master of some, Raoul has engineering, IT and general management experience stretching over more years than his family care to remember. His experience spans a number of industries including manufacturing, water service, telecommunications and beer.

His brewery experience often seen by many as a somewhat romantic concept has given him firsthand experience of how difficult it really is to organise a party in a brewery and hence his appreciation of the value of relevant training is all too familiar.

Raoul’s love of the outdoors and nature see him using every opportunity to get a line in the water and spending time enjoying the beautiful surroundings of New Zealand. Time spent with his son normally involves some type of ball sport or building intricate models.

Raoul’s best known quality is his spontaneity and his ability to seize the moment and make the most of every opportunity. His fresh approach, sincerity and love of life mean he has a wonderful enthusiasm for accepting life and its problems as a challenge.

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