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Our Friends

Contact Jeff Evans and donate some books to this wonderful charity

Prenzel Whitford * Botany is one of our favourite shops and supplier of our conference prize. Thank you!


 OneClick are our website developers.   

Magda at Design Ink is our creative inspiration. Give her a call.



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An Ocean of Books
Contact Jeff Evans to donate some books to schools in the pacific islands.

Jeff Evans launched An Ocean of Books in 2010 after visiting Niue High School and witnessing the lack of resources available. “The students are hungry to learn, but honestly, the resources are stretched beyond belief.” Jeff initially auctioned off a couple of photographs taken in Niue to raise funds to purchase a digital camera for Niue High School's Art Department. “It was great to help the High School, but of course I wanted to do more, so An Ocean of Books was born."

It’s early days, but the support to date has been overwhelming. "The opportunity to send books to school libraries throughout the Pacific is something people get really enthusiastic about. Supporters like the idea of making a difference in the Pacific."

Contact: Jeff Evans
Mobile: 027 21 61 400
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