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Our Purpose 

To occupy the mindspace of training and development in New Zealand.

How we do this 

We assist businesses and individuals to identify and find suitable training solutions through our network of associates and products. When a New Zealander thinks of personal or professional development, they think of Grow-Me. When a company wants to market a training or personal development service in New Zealand, they think of Grow-Me. 

Core Values

  • Always tell the truth
    • Our relationships with our clients and providers are based on high levels of trust and we have strong customer loyalty created by word of mouth recommendations.
  • Remember who is important
    • We are focused on meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers and we always act with our customers in mind.
  • Love what we do
    • Our enjoyment of our work is reflected in how we constantly strive to add value and make a difference to our business, our industry, our customers and our community.
  • Believe in abundance
    • We are open to new ideas and share our knowledge with those around us which is inspired by our sense of personal worth and security.

Organisational Culture

Grow-Me's organisational culture is one of approachability, we constantly strive to keep everyone up to date and aware of each other’s actions and our interactions with our customers.  

We are motivated and inspired by the people we work with and realise that the opportunity to work is a privilege. We are open to new ideas and knowledge and realise everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow.

One of the key aspects of our company is to constantly strive to be a great place to work and be an organisation where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Work needs to be a place where we express our passion through uniting our avocation with our vocation.


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