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How to Train your Abdominal Brain
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Personal Interest
Fitness and Wellbeing
The Art of Health
Red Hills Road, Massey West
Full Day
10.30am -4.30pm
Drawing on 20 years of personal development and solution-seeking for good health, Kim will blend ancient Eastern wisdom with modern science to bring you fascinating insights into how you can improve your understanding of your body intelligence. You will understand how operating your body-mind as one unit enhances your experience of life and overall health.


Are you interested in using your whole body intelligence (WBI) to live your life? Do you know that your intellectual intelligence represents only a fraction of the information that you can access for making decisions and living your life? You also have emotional intelligence, instinct, intuition and practical intelligence at your disposal.

Do you know that your body uses emotions to communicate its needs to you? And that ignoring your emotions can build up into illness? Would you like to know what your body is trying to tell you when it creates emotions?

Have you forgotten how to trust yourself? Until you trust yourself fully it will be difficult to feel safe, secure and nurtured in the world. Learn how to trust your intuition and gut feelings so that you trust in the process of life and know you are on right track.


During this seminar you will learn:

* How the abdominal brain works and how it communicates with you

* How the abdominal brain links with the heart mind to work as one cohesive unit

* How to tap into your intuition and body intelligences for easier and improved decision-making

* The 3 major levels of communication that your body uses to communicate with you

* The 5 intelligences in the body (intellect, intuition, instinct, practicality and emotional intelligence) and how they interrelate

* Exactly where emotions are stored in your body and which are organs are affected by each different emotion

* How to tell if you are in 'fight-flight' (stress) or 'relaxation' mode, why stress is SO detremental to your health, and why it is critical to train yourself to be relaxed if you want to live a long and healthy life

* Where exactly the 'virtuous' energies such as love, kindness, gentleness, patience, trust and courage are stored in your body, waiting to be experienced and shared with others

* Techniques to easily clear negative emotions stored from the organs and thus prevent them building up to illness

By the end of this seminar you wil have a much greater understanding of what whole body intelligence is and how you can use it to stay healthy and happy

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Kim Knight

My passion is to help people become more aware of themselves at a mind-body level so that they increase the natural levels of happiness and harmony within themselves to enjoy life.
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