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Ice Breaker Show
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Professional Development
Rhythm Interactive
Anywhere in New Zealand
To be arranged with client
The Rhythm Interactive icebreaker show is an innovative and totally interactive show for your next conference or event. During this show each delegate plays along with the Rhythm Interactive performers on an African styled hand drum.

As part of the Rhythm Interactive signature theme "Action speaks louder than words" not a single word is spoken throughout the show and this has certainly proven to be a big highlight.

The show is kept as a surprise right up to the point where we open the doors to the conference room and your delegates enter to see that the room has been transformed into a sea of drums. It is always fantastic to see their surprised faces.

Delegates now enter to the impressive sound of the drums being played by the Rhythm Interactive performers and through clear leadership from the Rhythm Interactive facilitator the delegates follow with ease and enjoy a show filled with fun and laughter.

The show is designed so that anyone can do it; involving each delegate right from the start where we guarantee total audience participation and interaction.

The duration for the icebreaker show is 30 to 45 minutes and concludes with a thundering crescendo leaving your delegates totally energized.

The Rhythm Interactive crew can set up during your coffee or lunch break or the night prior so we can open your event with a "BANG" and introduce the CEO or first speaker to the stage.

The icebreaker show is the perfect way to add the "WOW" factor to your event and to unite your group.
John Boone — Director
Born in The Netherlands John immigrated along with his family at the age of 11 to New Zealand. It was in New Zealand attending High School where he discovered his passion for both music and acting.

During his university days John fueled his desire to play music by joining various cover bands that performed around the Canterbury pub and club circuit.

After graduating from Canterbury University in 1993 with a BSC in Chemistry he set sail for a trip to Europe, where he worked in various fields including the events industry which taught him the ropes to corporate team building.

A trip to South Africa in 2002 and an invitation to an inspiring African drum show introduced the idea of group drumming and sparked the creation of Rhythm Interactive and its shows aimed at the corporate entertainment market.

John’s passion for the stage is evident through his shows, and since his first corporate show in 2003 Rhythm Interactive has seen him perform throughout Australasia.
Anton Ritani — Production manager for our school shows
Born in NZ, I grew up in Christchurch and at an early age discovered a keen interest in both the arts and music. During my late teens music became a big attraction for me and I was involved in several garage bands experimenting with song writing and composing. I formed and joined a number of original and covers bands during the 80’s and 90’s and during this period I met John Boone through an audition for "The Black Velvet Band", an Irish contemporary rock band based in Christchurch.

I became involved in several different projects and also lived in Sydney Australia for close to 10 years. 2007 saw the return for me to my home town of Christchurch where John and I reconnected and I was offered the opportunity to join the Rhythm Interactive team.

Joining Rhythm Interactive was one of those beautiful situations where I was in the right place at the right time. My passion for the stage, performing and engaging an audience is immense and Rhythm Interactive gave me the opportunity to fulfill this. Exceeding people’s expectation is part of my everyday plan, before the start of each show I tell myself "This is going to be my best show yet!"

I love delivering these shows, the fact that they are performed entirely through mime as part of our theme "Actions speaks louder than words" is awesome, this is such a powerful tool to engage an audience and giving each member in the audience an African styled hand drum along with the no words spoken is a fantastic way to connect people.

One of the biggest rewards for me is the feedback we receive, its wonderful being involved with a show where people are constantly telling us how much they enjoy and love what we do, its great to be part of an amazing team that actively works at leaving a very positive and memorable experience upon so many.
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