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JSDC Customer Service
Arranged as requested, in house
JSD Consulting
In house Program arranged to suit client and JSDC as requested.
per day, excluding GST. Costs vary depending on group size, materials, project size, preparation etc
Our Service Program, HUMAN TOUCH, is a generic program aimed at ensuring Customer Service, in any industry, is enhanced to include pre and post service situations. In other words, Customer service begins before the human interaction and its impact remains influential long after the last good bye. Service is, and will almost certainly remain, one of the single most defining points of difference for your customers. This program explores the methods, types and opportunities that service excellence provides your business. The course shows simple yet effective ways to set and maintain simple yet superbly effective customer service standards. It also ensures you look at service which not only focuses on staff-customer interaction but also focuses on the other often overlooked elements such as the residual emtions left in the customer, the opportunity for future business and the ability to influence that most powerful marketer of all - word of mouth.

The program includes a unique and quick set of reminders approximately 30 or 60 days later to all delegates.

Content includes:

* An analysis of great service models
* The 4 Essential Elements
* A Personal (Human) approach,
* A Predictable, speedy methodology with no surprises,
* A Resolution focus,
* A first and last impression
* The components of service
* 6 steps to standardisation
* Customer Types and Customer Needs
* Questioning, listening and body language skills
* Personal Judgement
* Dealing with difficult customers
* Do's and Don'ts
* Most common complaints and resolution methods
* After sales service
* Follow up calls
Jean du Rand, Director JSDC

Jean has worked in Retail, Wholesale and FMCG for the past 23 years. In this time he has held senior positions in Merchandise, Projects and HR and consults to companies in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, China and the USA.

His areas of expertise are best described by his accomplishments of the last 10 years. These include the initiation and set up of Africa's first ever B.Comm. Retail degree, the successful completion of numerous Merchandise related projects for retailers and wholesalers, the design and delivery of numerous selling, buying and trading related educational courses for the value chain, and the regular requests for his consultancy both sides of the Tasman. JSDC staff have also worked extensively with organisations to strategically redesign their product divisions to deliver against changing customer expectations. To this end they have designed, built and utilised their own change management toolkit specific to the Retail and Wholesale industry as well as their Manufacturers.

More recent projects have included the design, development and implementation of Buying Schools for retailers in NZ, product launches in the supermarket channel and the development and use of Management Assessment centres for local retail and manufacturing companies.

JSDC employs multiple trainers, researchers and facilitators and their client list includes a great many of the large NZ and Australian based FMCG manufacturers and retailers.
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