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JSDC Fundamentals of Management
Arranged as requested, in house
Professional Development
JSD Consulting
In house Program arranged to suit client and JSDC as requested.
per day, excluding GST. Costs vary depending on group size, materials, project size, preparation etc
What competencies and skills do successful managers have? More especially, what skills sets and qualities are required in these types of industries? Retail and manufacturing, like finance, engineering and science have over many decades fine-tuned and designed by a process of elimination and refining, a profile of success. By assessing the great leaders and managers in the generalist field of retail and manufacturing we have been able to create a template of successful people and use this training to showcase the skills required for success here. The fundamentals include a number of case studies and “so what?” scenarios that allow the delegates the opportunity to test and check assumptions. Many of the skills are described in some detail in our Management Assessment Centre

Content includes:

• Performance Management
• Incentives, targets and goals – what works and what doesn’t
• Management skills
• Leadership skills
• Management by Stewardship
• Developing staff competence
• Managing talent
• Time Management
• Motivating staff
• Judgement, Decision making and People
• Problem resolution
• Creative Thinking skills
• The organisational life cycle – management stages
Jean du Rand, Director JSDC

Jean has worked in Retail, Wholesale and FMCG for the past 23 years. In this time he has held senior positions in Merchandise, Projects and HR and consults to companies in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, China and the USA.

His areas of expertise are best described by his accomplishments of the last 10 years. These include the initiation and set up of Africa's first ever B.Comm. Retail degree, the successful completion of numerous Merchandise related projects for retailers and wholesalers, the design and delivery of numerous selling, buying and trading related educational courses for the value chain, and the regular requests for his consultancy both sides of the Tasman. JSDC staff have also worked extensively with organisations to strategically redesign their product divisions to deliver against changing customer expectations. To this end they have designed, built and utilised their own change management toolkit specific to the Retail and Wholesale industry as well as their Manufacturers.

More recent projects have included the design, development and implementation of Buying Schools for retailers in NZ, product launches in the supermarket channel and the development and use of Management Assessment centres for local retail and manufacturing companies.

JSDC employs multiple trainers, researchers and facilitators and their client list includes a great many of the large NZ and Australian based FMCG manufacturers and retailers.
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