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Leadership Development Coaching
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Gilly Chater
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Why do some people buckle and some shine when adversity hits? We were all born with resilience so what happens and how can we re-capture it to soar to greater heights? No matter what!

If there was ever a time the highest level of productivity and performance was needed it is NOW! Cutting costs is not the only way for companies to face the challenges and create profit. In these tough times it’s imperative that our people are innovative and use their creative capacities to find new solutions and ideas. Past knowledge isn’t the answer, yet often we rely on past experience to find our way through the fog.

Stressed people will not perform at their best and cannot achieve at their peak.

This presentation is about Healthy High Performance in your organization.


Learn the principles that explain how everyone lives their life from moment to moment
Be able to say goodbye to stress and find your resilience
The thought habits that impede good decisions
Learn the way to build relationships that are sustainable regardless of situations that may arise
Slow down to run faster we become more productive
Create a system that let’s everyone operate at their best
Ideal Audience: Anyone working in today’s challenging environment

Gilly, originally from the UK, has lived and worked in many countries around the world including the USA, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sultanate of Oman and Japan and in 1987 finally settled in New Zealand. Her presentations, which are drawn from her experiences and expertise, are the catalyst for leaders and their teams to discover their own resiliency.

Gilly has weathered many storms throughout her life and her presentations show people how they too can be brilliant and bounce back from the most difficult situations. Change happens in a nano-second. The challenge for organizations is to change quickly. Everyone’s state of mind really matters!

Her clients are diverse and include both New Zealand and multinational organizations. Some examples; Aon Insurance, ASB Bank, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, Department of Child Youth and Family, Dux Industries - a member of the Aliaxis Group, Ericsson , Exel Logistics, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Marley - a member of the Aliaxis Group, Ministry of Education, Nokia Siemens Networks Worldwide, Telecom, Vector Gas, Viscount Plastics, Westpac Banking Corporation.
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