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On Your Mark Career Planning for Career Starters
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Professional Development
Career Development
On Your Mark
Consultants available in Central Auckland, Hibiscus Coast, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Christchurch.
2 x 1/2-2 Hour Sessions
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What is 'on your mark'?
The philosophy behind 'on your mark' is to heighten self awareness as a first step in making significant career choices. The more we understand ourselves, the better prepared we are to find those careers that suit us.

'The important thing is to know yourself, after that everything is quite straightforward' - R Meredith Belbin

'on your mark' helps you explore, identify and understand what distinctive combinations of qualities you have to offer in the workplace. This is your unique ‘mark’ which once known, will provide you with a life-long ability to make informed choices when shaping your future.

How do we do this?
With you! - you are the expert on you – what you like, what you are good at, and what is important to you… Our experienced facilitators will work with you to identify and explore your unique combination of interests, strengths, goals, values and preferred work styles - preparing you to make good decisions…

On completion of the on your mark programme, you will have a broad list of education and career options that best fit your skills and interests - and a better idea of who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Not only will you develop new lifelong skills and knowledge, you’ll also have useful ready–to-use information for University and/or Scholarship applications, CVs and future Job Interviews.

Who is the programme for?
Career Starters (16-23 years) - those on their way to further education and the increasingly complex world of work... a world where the focus shifts from 'what you know' to 'who you are' and 'what you can best contribute'.

The programme includes:
- Two x 1 ½ hour consultation sessions with an experienced and accredited 'on your mark' consultant.
- An introduction to the key elements of career 'literacy'
- A comprehensive 24 page 'on your mark' resource booklet.
- Two comprehensive personalised reports:
(i) Preferred Work Interests and Environments Report
(ii) Belbin Get Set Team Roles Report
- The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work 2009
- A Next Steps Action Plan.
- Research skills to further explore areas/occupations of interest.

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We are an Auckland based consultancy of experienced and effective practitioners, with offices in Epsom, Auckland and a growing network of consultants throughout New Zealand.
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