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Train the Trainer (3 day)
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Professional Development
Rapid Results
Less Than 1 Week
3 Days, 8.30am - 5.00pm
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Course Overview:

•How to organise & plan a training course
•Training Delivery Styles
•Identify the Group Needs
•Knowledge Transfer Techniques
•Effective use of NLP
•Making the training FUN
•Activities & Breakouts
•Keeping Control of the Group
•Confidence & Assertiveness
•How to measure effectiveness of training

Course Detail:

What organisation is required for a course?
•Understand why good organisation is so important to the success of a training course
•How to develop good training course organisational skills
•Preparing for a course
•Main areas of consideration for success
•Designing checklists

The importance of training environments
•Understand why the training room is so vital to the success of the training outcomes
•Learn the key elements that make a successful training environment
•Why is the room so important for success?
•Different room styles and set up
•Room preparation

Maximising your own delivery style
•Using the different styles of training delivery
•Maximise your training results
•What are the different styles?
•How do I develop a delivery style?
•Targeting your delivery to an audience
•Success factors when delivering a course

How to identify and meet the needs of your group
•Understand the different behaviours in a group
•Understand how to control a group to ensure the course is not disrupted
•Identify your audience

To know the importance of training tools and how to use them effectively
•Understand the tools that can be used during training to maximise the learning
•What different effects and outcomes tools have
•What are the tools of a trainer?
•Which tools do I use?
•How to maximise the training impact
•Using accelerated learning & NLP techniques

To understand what knowledge transfer is and how to achieve it
•Ensure a knowledge transfer is occurring
•How to use different techniques to assist with checking your message is making sense
•How do I get the message across?
•How will I know if they understood?
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