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Who Moved my Cheese?
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Gaining Change Skills

The new Who Moved My Cheese? Training program helps individuals develop change skills that make a difference in their work – and in their lives. Based on the #1 bestselling book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson, this new half-day program brings together simple ideas, non-threatening materials, and entertaining videos that give people the skills to face change and succeed.

Skill #1: Anticipating Change

Anticipating Change is the ability to see what has happened in the past and what is happening now, and realising what is most likely going to happen next. When you use this skill and become experienced at anticipating change, you feel more in control in changing situations, and become more valuable.

Skill #2: Taking New Actions Now

Taking New Actions Now is the ability to see what you need to do differently and to do it soon. Then, look at the results and see where you need to correct your course and do something differently again. As you scurry into new actions, you become more energetic and influence others to try new things as well.

Skill #3: Moving Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Fear is the ability to do what you would do if you weren't afraid. It doesn't mean that you may not still have the fear, but you don't let fear hold you back. When you move beyond fear, you feel more confident, creative, and effective, and are more likely to enjoy your work.

Skills #4: Imagining Real Success

Imagining Real Success is the ability to see what you would like to have happen, in such realistic detail, that this "personal movie" lets you experience how it could really happen and you enjoy making it happen. As you imagine real success, you feel happier and less stressed, even before you get an ideal outcome.


About the Program

As individuals in organisations gain the skills to deal with change, businesses benefit from greater flexibility and increased innovation. Learn more about the training program that is helping people around the world succeed at change, with less stress! Who Moved My Cheese? Training is designed to be relevant to the specific issues your people are dealing with. No lectures or complex presentations are included in the workshop, so participants remain highly involved throughout this interactive program. While skill practices focus on the individual, participants also gain valuable tools to help them get results in teams and departments.

An easy-to-use guide walks participants through each of the change skills, activities, and ideas in a fun, non-threatening way. This full-colour guide can be referred to as often as needed when dealing with change.

The Training Program Features

· Half day format saves time and makes it easy to use in a wide variety of training programs

· Relevant exercises help people focus on changing situations at work

· Teaches skills that not only help people at work, but in their lives as well

· Based on simple, proven principles from the world’s most widely read book on change

· Easy to use materials, video clips, and exercises make the training non-threatening, entertaining and effective

The movie

The 16-minute movie tells the story of Who Moved My Cheese?, and is a quick way to give everyone a common vocabulary they can use to talk about what’s changing.

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